We're all hired up for the 2017 season!

Stop by and say hi if you're passing through Burlington July-Sept. We do hire extra labor for occasional jobs during the peak of the season.

If you're curious to come down and see what we do on the farm it's easy to jump right in for the day... We have lots of great veggies to share!

 Field Crew:

Job responsibilities include greenhouse seeding, hand-weeding, transplanting, irrigating, harvest/wash/pack and more.  Hourly pay commensurate with experience, and lots of free veggies. We typically run until around Thanksgiving, although these past couple of years it's been more like mid December.

If interested please send a resume and references, and tell us something briefly about yourself and about your interest in this work. If your interest level is high, we'd encourage you to try to get down to the farm this winter/spring (there's lots going on, even with snow on the ground!) and work with us for a few hours. It gives us a better opportunity to chat, and for you to get a feel for the type of work we do.

Ideal candidates will have at least 1 season of farming or, comparably, had a job in a fast-paced, team-oriented setting such as working as a restaurant server, line cook, or barista. Students in agriculture based programs are also encouraged to apply.