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From our fork to yours!

Pitchfork Farm is a 16-acre organic vegetable farm located on the Intervale in Burlington, Vermont.

We’re committed to growing the highest quality fresh produce in a way that sustains ourselves, the land, and our community.

We live where we eat!

What We Do

We grow 30+ varieties of crops at Pitchfork.

As a farm, we focus on a handful of high value crops that we enjoy growing, primarily salad greens, tomatoes, and root crops, thought there isn’t too much that you won’t find growing here. Due to our low input methods of farming, we manage to keep our costs down, a savings we pass on to our chefs and buyers. As a result, our locally grown, organic produce can be found in a surprising array of restaurants and grocery stores. This is how we’re able to deliver high quality, healthy food to a broad sprectrum of folks within our community.

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There are, however, a few things that we grow in great quantities.

These include mesclun, arugula, bunched greens, carrots, beets, basil, tomatoes and hot peppers.

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Then there’s everything else you can think of:

Onions, melons, winter squash, cabbage, bell peppers, etc. etc. These are available seasonally in smaller quantities.

Who We Are

We’re lucky farmers. We’re urban farmers, and as such, we live next door to the people who buy and prepare our food. We drink beer, we bowl and we hang out with a number of chefs and staff members of the restaurants we work with.

Since beginning in 2006, the farm has grown steadily each year, expanding both our land base and our crop list. Before forming a partnership, Rob and Eric worked on farms across the state and the country, learning the complexities of managing a farm, before striking out on their own.

On any given night you might find us out and about having a meal, or having drinks at one of the many restaurants we serve. We live where we farm and where we live is a great city with a ton of talented chefs, fun bars, and wonderful restaurants…..

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Contact us

Wanna grab a beer? Let us know.

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Intervale, Burlington, Vermont 05401


Rob: (802) 233-5465