"I've had the pleasure of cooking Rob and Eric's amazing vegetables from Pitchfork Farm in Burlington's Intervale for the better part of a decade now. Their radishes are tender and spicy, their carrots are the sweetest I've ever had, and they grow the best greens you can find anywhere. Season after season they preserve and express a true Burlington terroir, and their products have been inseparable from the quality of the Farmhouse Group's food since day one."
-Phillip Clayton
Owner and Executive Chef, The Farmhouse Group

"Pitchfork farm has been crucial to the development of my food. Ever since Eric brought me Artichokes and Fairytale Eggplant at Smokejacks, they have grown to be one of the most important and hardest working farms here in Burlington. I love those guys with all my heart."
-Frank Pace Jr.
Owner and Chef, The Great Northern

"Pitchfork Farm and Misery Loves Co. share many attributes; including a desire for wild and cultivated edibles, a strong sense of community, quality, and the pursuit of delicious and nutritious food.  And it doesn't hurt that Eric and Rob are handsome devils."
-Aaron Josinsky
Owner and Chef, Misery Loves Company


We grow 80+ varieties of crops
at Pitchfork Farm

We are a diverse 16 acre organic vegetable farm located in Burlington's Intervale.

We have many great relationships with chefs and food buyers, harvesting and delivering fresh twice a week to restaurants and grocery stores in Chittenden County.





Pizzeria Verita

El Cortijo

The Gryphon


The Guild Tavern

Penny Cluse

Intervale Food Hub

Tomgirl Juice Co.

UVM Medical Center

Pascolo Ristorante

Hen of the Wood

Miss Weinerz

Dolce VT

Arts Riot

The Windjammer

Bistro de Margot

Monarch and the Milkweed

Michael Clauss Events

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American Flatbread Burlington Hearth

Bluebird Barbecue

Misery Loves Co.

City Market Co-op

Farmhouse Tap and Grille

Pingala Cafe

Revolution Kitchen

Healthy Living

Leunig's Bistro

Skinny Pancake

Pace Catering

The Great Northern

The Hindquarter

Citizen Cider

Commodities Natural Market

Butch + Babes

The Chubby Muffin

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