Thanks you for closing the season with us at our annual Shiver By The River bonfire/dance party by the Winooski River! For those who couldn't make it, DJ Taka from Osaka spun from inside the farm truck, while we danced under the moon. We hope to see you next year!!

CSA Share, August 29

This week's share will feature tomatoes, pie pumpkins, carrots, peppers, eggplant, Delicata winter squash, red and yellow onions, kale and za'atar oregano.  We'll have extras on hand, as per usual!

I have moved back down to White River Junction for my second year at the Center for Cartoon Studies, so Rob & Cayla have taken over CSA operations.  Everyone is absolutely welcome to contact me about any requests or make-ups, and I will visit often this fall! Thank you everyone;  I hope you all have a fine Labor Day weekend!

. . .

CSA Share, August 22

This week's share will feature tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, kale, Delicata winter squash, watermelon, carrots, chioggia beets, red and yellow storage onions, and sage.  We'll have extra peppers, onions, beets, eggplant and more on hand for those who want to supplement their share or put food away for the winter!

. . .

CSA Share, August 15

This week's share will feature Delicata winter squash, watermelon, eggplant, sweet onions, purple peppers, hot cayenne peppers, carrots, beets, scallions, and kale.

We'll continue to bring extra bulk vegetables for anyone who'd like to put up food for the winter! So far I have several bags of chopped peppers, whole hot peppers, okra, pesto, and zucchini soup base in my freezer, ready for January.  We'll also put sage, hot peppers, rosemary and more to dry in the barn for late season shares!

. . .

CSA Share, August 8

This week's share will feature Red Kuri squash, watermelon, rainbow carrots, sweet carmen peppers, sungold tomatoes, patty pan summer squash, cukes, leeks, sweet yellow onions, cilantro, scallions, okra cucumbers and kale.

Our internet is spotty, but Rob and I are moving this weekend so I'll be able to flesh out these CSA posts with a stronger wifi signal! Thanks everyone, see you this afternoon.

. . .


                Chioggia Beets                              (photo from the Seed Savers Exchange)

                Chioggia Beets                              (photo from the Seed Savers Exchange)

This week's share will feature leeks, red onions & shallots, kale, basil, chioggia beets, mint, Sacred Thai basil (Tulsi), green chiles, zucchini, and cukes.  I have been making a sun tea with the thai basil & mint, then chilling it for a nice iced tea.  

The fields are bursting with green fruits, but the cool nights have slowed their ripening. The melons & rest of the tomatoes are very close. The sungold tomatoes in the pick-your-own garden however, are already sweet and ripe, so don't forget to pick a handful! 

Finally, thank you to everyone who came out for our Ramble music festival last weekend! It was a great time. Thank you to Friends + FamilyAvoFree PizzaPaper Castles, Cantelope Legs & Clark Kent. (Thanks also to all the other bands who keep filing their Live In Chicago videos under our Pitchfork Youtube channel.)  See you next year.
















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CSA Share, July 18

This week's share will feature baby eggplant & baby zucchini, cucumbers, green peppers, sweet onions, mint, basil, chard, carrots, and a rosemary/sage grilling mix.  We also harvested baby beets, at the stage where you can eat both beet and greens, raw or grilled!

. . .

And for inspiration, here's a delicious sampling of what chefs around town have been creating with Pitchfork ingredients:

Cold Cucumber Soup (Misery Loves Company)

White Bean, Sausage & Kale Salad with Scallions & Herbs (Farmhouse Tap & Grill)

Chicken Breast, Butter Beans, Morels, Swiss Chard (Bluebird Tavern)



. . .

CSA Share, July 11

This week's share will feature sweet carrots, slicing cucumbers, baby leeks, parsley, beets, kale, mesclun and saltwort. Saltwort is a succulent garnish native to salt marshes of Japan.  It is also known as "land seaweed," and is often used raw in sushi or salads.

...We will also bring crates of pickling cukes, for those interested! The shiso in the pick-your-own garden is a pickling spice that gives umeboshi pickled plums their color & flavor.

Pickling Cukes

Pickling Cukes



Speaking of, the pick-your-own garden is starting to burst with fruits, herbs & flowers!  Here are a few highlights:

. . .

CSA Share, July 4

Pick-up is on this week, despite the holiday!  We will, however, pack everyone's shares in advance so that anyone who is leaving town for the holiday can pick theirs up early.  The shares will be pre-bagged and in our cooler (directions below), and if you wish you may pick those up on your own tomorrow anytime between 9am and normal pick-up hours (4:30-6:30). 

This week's share will feature bunched beets, green chiles, sweet & tender spring onions, basil, radish, swiss chard, sweet Napa cabbage, radicchio, and mesclun.  It will also include Salad Burnet, a garnish with a melon/cucumber flavor for fruit or veggie salads, sandwiches, or summer drinks.

Kids are invited to plant sunflowers and special bee garden flowers with me this week during pick-up!

Enjoy the holiday!

. . .

Directions:  Turn left through the gates at the small blue "282" sign, a ways past Gardner's Supply and across from the Intervale Community Farm.  Park at the big, unpainted "Farmer Barn" that is appears soon on your right.  If you walk through the large double doors, our cooler is the one closer to the road. I'll put a sign on the door! CSA shares will be bagged & labeled inside.  I am at (802) 282-3400 if anybody has any trouble.

. . .

CSA Share, June 27

This week's share will feature Napa cabbage, dill, salad greens, radish, fennel & more!

And once again: We've buttoned up pick-up hours to 4:30-6:30, as no one seemed to arrive until after work.  See you Friday!

. . .

Pick-Your-Own Garden Selections

Many of the Pick-Your-Own garden herbs & flowers are still a few weeks away from harvest, but here is a (growing) list of what's in the garden:

Basil (culinary)


Sungold Tomatoes

Hot Peppers

Tulsi / Sacred Basil (medicinal, tea) - Tulsi is a sacred Hindu plant and is used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) to help the body adapt to stress in many different situations. Leaves and flowers are used as an aromatic tea, as well as in Thai cuisine.

Anise HyssopThis flowery herb is neither anise nor hyssop. It tastes a bit licoricey. Harvest the leaves and use fresh or dried in tea or crumble the tangy flowers over a salad.

ChamomileChamomile flowers are picked to be used as tea for calming the body and mind. Cut right below the head of the whole flower and dry for best use.

Clary SageMusky Clary Sage has many traditional uses – muscle spasms, an eyewash, premenstrual and menopausal issues, kidney problems, digestion, and as a substitute for hops in beer. Harvest the leaves or flowerbuds, and use as a tea or to season lots of different dishes including salads, omelettes, and soups.

ZaatarZaatar is a Middle Eastern member of the thyme family and tastes like a mixture of oregano and marjoram. This herb has been used since biblical times and adds depth to meat, vegetables, breads, hummus and sour cream. Harvest and dry and then grind the leaves! Can also be combined with sumac in the fall.

Skullcap - Skullcap is a medicinal herb traditionally used for long-term toning and strengthening of the nervous system.  It helps with anxiety, headaches, and muscle tension. Make a tea, or make a tincture by steeping 1 part whole fresh plant with two parts 40% alcohol for 4-6 weeks.

Wormwood - WARNING! For aromatic use only.  Wormwood is most well-known in the making of absinthe; however we have planted it here for drying aromatic bundles only and strongly discourage ingesting this plant. The scent is divine!

RosemaryThis evergreen herb is most commonly used to flavor meat and savory dishes, but can also be used medicinally as an antiseptic and for memory improvement. It is also a medieval symbol of love.

Sage (culinary) - Sage is a special herb that offers a refreshing and aromatic depth to dishes. Also helpful if you forgot your toothbrush – chew on a few leaves to cleanse the palate. Harvest the leaves and use fresh or dried.

Saltwort Native to the salt marshes of Japan, where it is also known as land seaweed.  Add tender young leaves to salads and sushi for crunch, or steam longer stems for a unique side dish.  This succulent herb is rich in vitamins and minerals.

OkraThis southern staple gives stews, curries, and stir frys a unique texture and a light, somewhat earthy taste. Harvest when okra fruit is 2-3 inches long, just above the cap.

LavenderLavender is used in cuisine and medicinally, as well as a floral topical herb for salves, oils, and washes.  Try it in cakes or cookies, or in a tea for relaxation. Harvest the flowering buds but also try the leaves for milder flavor.

Salad BurnetHarvest young leaves for a cucumber flavor in salads, and as a garnish or dressing. Salad Burnet also has uses in traditional Chinese Medicine to stop bleeding and heal wounds.

EchinaceaAll parts of the echinacea plant can be used to fight infections, colds, inflammation, and to cleanse the lymphatic system. Echinacea can be made into a tea, but is best used as a tincture: after all parts of the plant are harvested, separate infusions are made out of each part and 40% alcohol, steeped for 4-6 weeks, and recombined.


Edible Flowers:

BorageHarvest the flowers for a cucumber-like fragrance. When steeped in water and compounded with lemon and sugar in wine, it makes a refreshing and restorative summer drink. Or eat fresh flowers on top of salads.

NasturtiumPop the flower off and add to dishes like salads or omelettes for a strong and spicy peppery flavor and lots of bright, gorgeous color! Leaves and stems are also edible and produce a milder but similar flavor.

Cut Flowers:

Make bouquets with sunflowers, cleome, zinnias, Datura moonflower, rudbeckia and more.

. . .

CSA Share, June 20

This week's share will feature dandelion greens, cilantro, salad greens, escarole, red kohlrabi & more.  I have also noticed some green fruits appearing on the tomato plants - just a few more weeks!

For inspiration, here is what a few chefs around town have been doing with our ingredients:

Aged Raw Beef- brown cheese, radish sprouts (Misery Loves Co.)

Pad Thai // Broccoli, cabbage, and tofu stir-fried with rice noodles in a Thai sweet and sour sauce. 
Garnished with peanuts and cilantro. (Revolution Kitchen)

And here's one from Farmhouse Tap & Grill, to help you use up leftovers from last week's share:

Spring Sweet Pea & Radish Salad - Lettuce, pea shoots, garlic croutons, carrot - ginger vinaigrette

I think we will button up pick-up hours to 4:30-6:30, as no one seemed to arrive until after work.  We'll be there early this week, but let's call it 4:30-6:30 er'after.  See you tomorrow!

. . .



We are gearing up for an exciting 9th season in the Intervale! 

This year, we've decided to add a small CSA for friends of Pitchfork Farm.  We've always wanted to do this, and our new fields by the river are a great spot to host a weekly pick-up.  We'll cap the CSA at ~25 members this year so that we can better cater to everybody.  This will also allow us to add some specialty items such as wild edibles, an herb & edible flower garden with 24-7 member access, and the ability to grow any special requests from our members. 

Pickup will occur on Friday afternoons, from 4:30 - 6:30 pm at the farm, starting in June and running into October.  We invite members to not only pick up their Pitchfork tote bag of veggies, but to stay and have a drink or play with the kids.  We'll also host occasional events, such as Farm Hack tool demos, lunches in the field, and more.

We've moved the farm across the road to drier land, and have been seeding in the greenhouse for a few weeks now.  We can't wait to see you at the farm!

CSA Payment Options

Pitchfork Farm

PO Box 783

Burlington, VT 05402

How to buy a share:

Shares cost $490, and run for approximately 20 weeks.  We have three payment installment options, and the first payment is due by May 20.

You can check out using Paypal, or send a check made out to Pitchfork Farm.  

We will also be at the Old North End Farmer's Market this summer, and you can make up missed pick-ups on Tuesday evenings at our Market booth.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Why a CSA?

Spring start-up costs exceed spring income for quite a few months, since produce won't be rolling out until the summertime.  A CSA acts as a community loan early in the farm season,  in lieu of a bank loan.  In return, CSA community members get fresh, diverse produce all season long at discount prices - often ranging from 60-80% of retail price (depending on the season.)  Plus we love connecting with the community!